How You Can Make a Truly Effective Claim for a Waxing Treatment Gone Wrong

Waxing treatments are arguably some of the most popular types of treatments offered at beauty salons since it’s effective, the results are often highly-satisfactory and last for some time, and it’s not as painful as one would expect. But even though waxing treatments have already become a standard, this doesn’t mean that everything always goes according to plan. In fact, waxing treatments can go wrong in the blink of an eye, and if you succumb to an injury because of the treatment, you may well be awarded compensation for it. If you feel that you have the right to proper compensation for a waxing treatment injury, here’s how you can make a truly effective claim for a waxing treatment gone wrong.

Types of injuries due to waxing

Some injuries are more common than most. One such example is damaged or destroyed hair follicles, and another is a skin burn. Waxing treatments can also cause prolonged swelling and even scarring, and can even result in infections if not done right. Ingrown hairs are also a common type of injury, and your treatment can bring about an allergic reaction or skin irritation or itchiness.

Making a claim for a waxing treatment injury

In order for your claim for compensation to be successful, you need to show and prove that the injuries you had are the result of negligence, mistakes, or ignorance on the part of the clinic, spa, or beauty centre’s beauticians.

For example, they can be at fault if they did not properly inform you of the different side effects that come with waxing, and they can also be liable if they didn’t carry out the procedure in the proper manner. One example is if the wax they applied was too hot, causing burns or blisters on the skin. If you were a new client and you were not given a skin patch test before the procedure to assess allergic reactions, then the clinic or salon can also be held liable.

What to do

As soon as you have confirmed that you have an injury due to your waxing treatment, you should let the clinic or salon know. You may also want to take photographs of your injury to serve as proof, and you may want to gather other kinds of evidence, such as receipts and the like. If you have had to go to a doctor for medical treatment because of your waxing injury, you should keep the records of this and all receipts and expense records as well. The medical records are essential as it can show what was done to treat your injury and what your future medical outlook will be with regard to your injury. If you have sent emails or text messages or any other correspondence related to your injury, you should also keep these to serve as evidence.

Not everyone is well-versed with beauty injury claims, but if you have a good idea of what to do with your waxing treatment claim, you can move forward with better confidence. If you have been asked to sign a particular disclaimer by the salon or centre, for instance, this shouldn’t put you off from making a claim. A good solicitor can guide you and give you the proper instructions for solidifying your claim, and you can rely on them for their expertise.

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