How To Remove Snow From Your Garage

Crushed mud, chunks of ice soiled with matted earth, and puddles of gray-stained water all end up in your shoes, clothes, car, and garage. And you wonder, how do people deal with it every winter? Ninja De-Icer have already given you tips on how to avoid leaks in the rainy season, and now we’re here to save your winter dream and bring you 6 tips to keep your garage free of dirt, snow, mud, and debris this winter.

  1. Garage Mats

In the rainy winter, rubber garage mats are your best friend against snow tracks and tracks. Have a mat for everything: for your shoes, your shovels and snow equipment, for where you park your car, and remember to put it in your car too. You’ll have peace of mind when all you have to do to clean is hose down the rugs.

Carpets made of polyvinyl are the best choice, especially for the big one that will be under your car in the snow. Winter rugs are advised to have raised edges to contain splashing melted snow, ice, and puddles. The best ones have removable edges, so you can easily clean them with a squeegee without pulling them out or lifting them up.

The Cardboard Trick

Carpets can get expensive, so if you want to spend less, consider using cardboard boxes. Think about the online orders you place and see if you can’t cover your garage floor in no time. Flatten the cardboard boxes; the bigger, the better, to avoid overlapping. Place the cardboard in places you know will get wet and want to protect it, such as under the car and on the way to the front door leading into the house, and remember that this is a cheap but temporary solution. Cardboard absorbs water and can get a little soggy, so you’ll need to watch out to make any necessary changes.

  1. Blower Fan

A blower fan is a high-powered fan that dries the garage floor quickly. It is certainly a good investment in areas with heavy snow and guarantees a warm and dry garage, which is essential in winter.

  1. Shows

That, that squeegee. We know it’s a familiar tip, but remembering the basics is always good. A good squeegee is a very low investment and fulfills its role with little work. The squeegee doesn’t need special storage, it doesn’t need power, and it’s ideal for the occasional quick maintenance cleanup. Also consider a calcium chloride deicer for snow removal.

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