How to Make School Tiffin Interesting

For kids who find attending classes difficult, tasty tiffin ideas for toddlers can be of great help. It has been seen that tasty tiffins can shoot up the excitement amongst children and motivate them to go to school every day. When packing your kid’s tiffin, nutrition and healthy food options aren’t the only things that you must be paying attention to. The color, taste, and shape of the food also count.

Here are some really interesting ways to make school tiffin time fun.

Offer Choices to Your Kids

It is when the children get to have a say on what they wish to have, that they indulge in the food better and can also enjoy it to the brim. Always ensure that the choices they make are healthy. You can offer them two healthy yet delicious food choices and ask them to choose one. Try offering them a choice between a vegetable salad and a fruit salad.

Get Used to the School Rules for Tiffin

Certain schools practice stringency on tiffin for children and are also strict regarding particular food items. They completely put a restriction on specific food items and ask the parents not to given the same, ever, for example, instant noodles, fried chips, aerated drinks, spicy pasta, or oily items. Ensure to run through the school rules for tiffin before packing your toddler’s favorite noodle or banana sandwich.

Give Healthy Dip and Veggie Accompaniments

Kids love dipping their foods, so make sure that the dip that you are packing for them or using as accompaniment for easy evening snacks for kids includes fat-free yogurt or garlic powder. The veggies like celery, cucumber, carrots, broccoli go well with fat-free dips.

Go for Whole Grains

Prepare sandwiches with whole-wheat bread rather than white bread. You can however choose whole wheat pita or even tortillas to spruce things up a bit.

Slice the Foods

Kids prefer sliced-up and bite-sized pieces of food items. You can slice up apples or consider preparing a fruit cup using different melons. Also, when packing sandwiches, make sure you have cut it into 4 small sizes.

Pack Warm Foods into a Thermos

Thermos is perfect for packing a healthy mac and cheese made using whole wheat pasta and fresh broccoli florets. You can also pack zucchini made with carrots and beans inside a thermos.

Add a Good Calcium Source

Yogurt is the best addition, and you can also aim for pre-made smoothies that you would come across at the yogurt section of the supermarket. Also, the fat-less string cheese is a hit amongst kids. You can also think of fat-free milk as a go-to calcium source.

Involve Your Kids

Always make it a point to get your kids involved in the preparation of tiffin ideas for toddlers. Kids will feel appreciated and involved if they can contribute to the packing of their lunchbox. This would also motivate them to finish the tiffin and eat it with excitement. This habit makes even the simplest of tiffin attractive besides shaping a sense of responsibility amongst your kids.

These tricks and tips are tried and tested and have been proved to show results. Irrespective of what tiffin recipe you have decided to make, these tricks can be used at all given times for an exciting lunchtime at school.

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