How to Hire a Hardwood Floor Contractor?

Although the DIY way of floor installation is also becoming quite accessible for homeowners particularly for laminate and luxury vinyl flooring, as they are much simple to cut and join together. However, installing solid hardwood floors may not be as easy for most homeowners.

Therefore, they may prefer to hire professionals from any flooring installation companies for good work to be done particularly if there are plenty of curves present on the floor. Professional installers will have the specialized tools and also experience to complete this project with quality work.

The following are a few tips to hire a suitable professional for hardwood installation work.

1.     Ask your neighbors and friends to provide the reference

Find out if any of your nearby house owners or friends have recently installed wood floors at their home. You can check their work and if satisfied then get the name and contact number of the installers.

You can also get a little feedback about the installer whether they were happy working with him.

2.     Get a written offer from few installers

Having collected a few names and contact numbers of few installers, you may then contact them and let them know about your need. They will like to know the approximate size of your area where you would like the wooden floor installed.

Based on your requirements you can request them to send their written offers. If need be, they may also inspect your site.

3.     Compare the estimates

Having received at least 3 offers, you can now compare their prices and also the various terms and conditions of their work. If you have any questions or doubts then the same may be clarified either through phone or through a personal meeting based on the need.

4.     Check insurance and business license

Before you hire an installer, you must check that he has got valid paper for the license and also insurance. This is a mandatory requirement before hiring any service professional to protect your own interest.

5.     Split your payments

Quite a few installers may demand full upfront payment that you should never agree to. You may agree to however pay a certain percentage of payment during the beginning and then pay as the works progress. You can negotiate with the installer.

However, never commit the mistake of paying the full payment before the work is completed to your satisfaction.

6.     Avoid going to any big box stores

You can find many big box stores offering their professional who can complete this job at a very cheaper rate. However, you have to understand you will get the quality of work as you pay.

These installers may save you few dollars but at the end of the day, you will remain dissatisfied with their work that you have to bear with for a long time. It is better to pay the justified amount to a trained and experienced professional so that you can be happy with the work.

If you cannot get any reference from your friends then you can check the online listing and you can find here a list of many hardwood installers.

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