How To Choose The Best Lighted Globe?

A terrestrial globe or Custom World Globes is primarily a spherical map of the Earth. It allows children and adults to deepen their knowledge of geography. It can also decorate bedrooms, offices, shops, museums, classrooms, etc. The luminous model is particularly popular with users. Below discover some models allowing everyone to find what they are looking for.

Why Choose A Luminous Globe?

A luminous terrestrial globe such as for example makes it possible to highlight certain essential information creatively. The user can, for example, distinguish the oceans and the main cities by making them shine. At night, lights can bring a magical atmosphere to a room. It is a model much appreciated by children and young people because it helps to arouse their curiosity.

The Criteria For Choosing A Luminous World Map

The design varies from model to model. Therefore, one must base oneself on a few essential points when buying a luminous globe. First, there is the size. The more important it is, the more details we will have. So that the world map is not cumbersome for the room where it will be exhibited, it is necessary to consider the available space when choosing it, knowing that a classic model has a diameter of 30 cm and a floor globe of about 40 cm.

The second criterion concerns the material used to manufacture a luminous terrestrial globe. It can be wood, plastic, fabric, metal, fiberglass, or even stone. A lighted wooden model is the most durable for children because it can be handled frequently without damage.

The third criterion concerns its luminosity. It is necessary to analyze all the information the lights can put forward. The more they are, the more interesting and attractive the globe is. The user manual allows you to see all its features before purchasing it.

The Bisofice Magnetic Illuminated Globe

It is both a playful accessory and a beautiful decorative object. Rotating, it can rotate 360°. The luminous earth globe can float above its base 24 hours a day all year round thanks to the electromagnetic levitation system. Its LED light gives an extraordinary effect in the dark.

  • dimensions: ‎24.4 x 24.3 x 12.3 cm
  • weight: 830 grams
  • material: aluminum
  • recommended age: 12 months and up

Its Strengths


This luminous terrestrial globe will make a beautiful decorative object for an office or a bedroom. The LED lights give a very nice effect day and night. Its levitation system. You have to give the globe a little push to make it spin on its own.

Its Weak Points

Setting up the world map. This step is a bit tricky to do. You have to take your time and not get upset to be able to get there all at once.

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