How Sport, Exercise, and Running Can Help People with Psoriasis

A healthy diet and regular exercise are keys to healthy living. Keeping your immunity at the peak and exercising regularly can help to prevent most diseases, including psoriasis.

Since psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder, you are on the verge of reducing your vulnerability to the disease when you boost your immunity and fitness through exercise. Scientists and experts in dermatology have shown a significant link between exercise or running and psoriasis.

Make regular exercise part of your daily routine

Whether you are struggling with weight loss or fitness, there is always more you get from making exercise part of your daily routine. When you are out to shed off some weight by exercising, you reduce your risk of becoming obese. In addition, when you are fit, you reduce the risk of cardiovascular and skin diseases. Those who are obese are more vulnerable to a host of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and psoriasis.

If you already have psoriasis, you can use exercise to limit the symptoms of the diseases. When you exercise and engage in active sports, you cut some weight and level up your fitness. This way, you reduce the risk of developing other medical conditions that can spike psoriasis symptoms.

Exercise makes psoriasis treatment more effective 

When you have psoriasis or other underlying medical conditions, your body needs to achieve a recommended blood sugar and cardio strength to respond to treatment. By running and exerting, you cut weight and prevent the risk of obesity, which makes you more responsive to psoriasis treatment. The more weight you shed through exercise, the better you respond to any treatment.

Individuals with psoriasis tend to be reluctant to engage in any physical activity. In most cases, psoriasis patients tend to keep their joints bent to alleviate the pain. However, this is not advisable because it can often result in joint deformation in the future.

By involving yourself in regular exercise that moves your joints, you can reduce stiffens and pain when you bend your joints. Exercise more each day to reduce the pain from psoriasis.

Exercise to reduce stress 

Extended stress is a cause of many health complications in adults. Individuals with psoriasis tend to shy away from others because they are stressed with the condition, not knowing that this will only worsen it. Studies have shown that working out can trigger the feel-good hormones and endorphins, making you happy.

Whenever you exercise, your heartbeat increases, you sweat a lot, and you neutralize the production of adrenaline and cortisol hormones that contribute to stress. Working out is one of the most effective ways to combat stress, which expedites skin cancer growth and psoriasis.

In many cases, individuals with psoriasis tend to shy away from working out for fear of worsening their skin condition. Here is what you should do to feel safe when you want to work out:

  • Ensure your get the right workout clothing or gear. Wear some comfortable clothes to feel free.
  • Always avoid synthetic workout attire because it can rub against inflamed skin and cause more harm.
  • Go for pure cotton clothes. Cotton absorbs your sweat, reducing skin irritation.
  • Work out in the morning when it is cold to avoid too much sweating.
  • Before going to exercise, apply some skincare products on the affected areas to minimize the risk of skin irritation.
  • Take a lukewarm shower after exercise to remove all the grime and dirt on your body that can trigger psoriasis. Avoid hot and cold shower because they can worsen the skin condition.

Which is the best exercise for psoriasis patients? 

Not every workout is ideal for psoriasis patients. Some exercises like squats and jumping rope are not advisable if you have skin conditions on the knees.

If you have psoriasis and you’re looking for a  long-term solution for chronic skin conditions, you should start by engaging in cardiovascular exercises. Cardio exercises like walking uphill, swimming, and cycling, have minimal effect on the joints and therefore suitable for psoriasis patients.

Additionally, you can also opt for exercise that boosts your flexibility, such as yoga and running on a treadmill. You reduce your joints’ stress by doing exercise that strengthens your muscles like resistance bands and free weights. Don’t lift heavy weights if you have psoriasis but opt for lightweights and exercises that boost your blood circulation.

Final Thoughts 

Sports like walking and running are recommendable if you want to cut weight, keep fit, and improve your body’s response to psoriasis arthritis treatment. When you are diagnosed with psoriasis, removing exercise from your daily routine is the least you can do. Instead, you should opt for exercises that make you more flexible and fit. Working out helps you reduce the risk of obesity. When you are fit, your body responds well to any type of treatment.

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