How Protective Clothing Is Changing For The Better

When you look at the protective clothing available to purchase in the marketplace, much of it is practical and comfortable but not always fashionable. However, things are starting to change with companies now designing protective clothing and equipment that also makes a fashion statement. If you are looking to purchase protective clothing for your workplace or yourself, you no longer must look dull and uninspired. Companies such as Galactic Bioware are paving the way with eye-catching fashionable designs that offer you plenty of protection and look fantastic.

Clothing Designers With A Difference

Galactic Bioware was founded by Phillip Kingston, who is a prolific entrepreneur and based the company in Melbourne, Australia, and you can find out more about him by visiting his Crunchbase profile. The company’s dream was to create practical clothing that can protect the wearer from extreme conditions and look fantastic at the same time. They were successful with their endeavour, and the Galactic Bioware brand was born. They have a wide variety of clothing suitable for an assortment of different harsh conditions, and some of their clothing can protect you from shotguns and radiation.

Fashionable Clothing That Protects You

When you look at the offerings of Galactic Bioware, you will see that their designs are eye-catching, and when you read the descriptions, you will see how tough and durable they are. Various types of their clothing can protect you from a wide variety of different conditions, which include:

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Ballistics & Shrapnel Resistant
  • Stab Proof
  • Shielding From Radiation
  • High-Speed Impact Protection
  • And Plenty More

They incorporate the latest technologies into their clothing designs that can offer excellent protection, no matter the conditions. When you are looking for protective clothing that looks fantastic, you can wear it comfortably, and it provides plenty of protection, then look no further than Galactic Bioware and make a fashion statement with your safety clothing.

Protection In An Ever Changing World

The world in which we live is getting harder and more difficult to predict, and things like terrorism seem to be on the rise. Investing in clothing from Galactic Bioware can make all the difference when you find yourself in a potentially deadly situation. Whether you need protection from the elements, radiation, or potentially lethal projectiles, choosing quality safety clothing from Galactic Bioware gives you the protection you need.

A Wide Variety Of High-Quality Clothing

No matter what type of protective clothing you are looking for, Galactic Bioware have a suitable option for you. You will find a wide selection of shirts, pants, jackets, caps, T-shirts, shorts, and more, all of which are machine washable and comfortable to wear. When you wear clothing from Galactic Bioware, you will be ready for whatever life has to throw at you, no matter how harsh the environment, and it can also help you survive in precarious situations. Make your protective clothing work harder for you now while we strive to make a better future for everyone and check out the fantastic 2021 clothing range available now.

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