How Luminox Swiss Watches Can Be The Best One

Watches are tools to show time and nowadays it is doing more than just showing time. Many brands are making very good watches that can give as many details as possible and can endure for long time. One such brand is Luminox. The Swiss made, Luminox watches are very popular for its long-lasting luminescence and its durability in any type of weather conditions. It is also making custom made watches for many military groups all over the world.

Why Luminox is special

Even though there are many brands available, Luminox is always considered to be something special and many prefer that even for gift purposes. The factors that really make luminox swiss air watches a special one as follows:

  • One for All – Be a formal, timekeeping guy or an adventure loving person, Luminox can serve well both purposes. Due to its extremely tougher design and updated technology, it can be used for any type of risky adventures, even like scuba diving, trekking, trips to arctic regions etc. Since they are military watch makers, it can withstand almost any type of rugged, hard conditions and can serve its purpose well. We can know its true value from the fact that Luminox is the official sponsor of Icelandic Associations for Search and Rescue, which faces most dangerous conditions in their work.
  • Powerful Illumination – The main hashtag for advertising Luminox watches is “Always Visible Technology”. The dial indicators and hands are made of high-quality tritium, which can provide a long-term luminescence, unlike the phosphorescent marks used in other watches. Many researchers have concluded the fact that these watches can show the required time details continuously without any need of charging for the period of 25 years without any intrusions. Both in a tricky and normal day-to-day life, Luminox watches will show the time efficiently with ease.
  • Wear Resistant – It is a well-known fact that Luminox watches can withstand heavy and delicate weather conditions. If it can sustain those conditions, then it can easily withstand the normal day-to-day wear and tear easily. One can freely use this type of watches without worrying about any cracks, scratches or other harmful situations. Watch face is usually made of scratch resistant sapphire crystal and it says the rest.

Series of Watches available

Luminox is manufacturing watches for three different conditions in 3 series. They are:

  • Sea Watch Series – As the name suggests, this series of watches are suitable for diving and water purposes. With the Tritium technology, it can show the time clearly even when it is underwater. Another important advantage is that it can be water resistant up the distance of 500m.
  • Air Series – This series of watches are specially designed for air forces and pilots in partnership with Lockheed Martin Corp, one of the world’s largest defence contractors. Air series watches are more famous for its accurate precision and durability.
  • Land Series– More suitable for forces like military, SWAT, law enforcing groups etc. This series of watches are slightly bigger than the other two and can have advanced options like navigation compass, separate countdown zone etc.

                So if you want to have a long lasting, rugged and accurate watch irrespective of the cost, you can definitely go for Luminox watches and it will be a good value for your money.

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