Grave Monuments: Types Of It

Your loved ones, even after death, are believed to spread their blessings from heaven. To keep their memories alive and pay them a proper tribute, cemetery monuments are constructed. You can mention their name on these monuments in the form of engravings. They can be remembered in your daily prayers by offering flowers to these monumental constructs. There are different types of cemetery plaques. You will come to know about these types further below.

Types Of Grave Monuments

A few of the types of grave monuments are

Headstone grave monuments

This monument is placed at the head of a grave; it is known as a headstone. They are mostly made of stone and are upright cemetery monuments. Headstones were usually made of granite in ancient times. During the 1600s, they were made using slate and sandstone in New England.


  • Easier to be located in cemeteries since they are upright.


  • They cannot be allowed in certain areas like in memorial parks due to their upright structure.

Flat grave monuments

They are also referred to as flat lawn stones, grassstones, or lawn-level monuments because they are leveled with the grass. They are considered the best option when it comes to purchasing a grave marker.


  • It is easy for the caretakers of the cemetery to mow over these grave markers.


  • It cannot be easy to locate them, even if you have a map for locating them.

Granite grave monuments

After diamond, granite is the hardest material that is suited for constructing memorial plaques. You can find it invarious colors like black, red (brickish), green, pink, beige, blue, etc. These monuments are expensive.


  • Long-lasting and sturdy.
  • They come in different colors.
  • They can match properly with the modern cemetery that is usually full of granite gravestones.


  • They are expensive to buy.
  • They can’t be reset easily because they are heavy.

Small grave monuments

Their size is less than an average gravestone; thus, they cost less. Still, you can use some symbols or imagesdepending on the number of characters and size of these monuments.


  • They occupy less space and cost less.
  • They are appropriate for cremation burial sections and stone mason Melbourne.

Memorial plaques

These grave markers are made of bronze, and in some cases, they can be of aluminum. Depending on their use, they come in large or small sizes. It can be placed in a cremains niche and an urn.


  • They can be too affordable.
  • They last for a long time and look dignified.


  • For using them, you need to first check with your cemetery that a plaque can be used there or not.

Temporary grave monuments

You can get this when you purchase headstones Melbourne. You can also purchase it for about 20 dollars. These monuments aremade using metal, wood, plastic, etc.


Thus, you can get any of the graves mentioned above stones constructed for your loved ones. This way, you can pay homage to their departed souls in a peaceful way.


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