It does not matter how much you value fashion or not; just like any other gay black men, you do not want to let down your community, especially with your style. Aspire to set the bar by being more fashionable, and you may want to consider a few things to get you in touch with what is best for you. Therefore, how can you begin your journey of being more fashionable?

  • Look dapper

Every guy looks impressive when they pick the option of choosing to be dapper and completely formal if they select a high-quality brand. The idea to pull off a great suite is to avoid going for branded suites alone since many amateurs and upcoming companies make better suites.

Avoid cutting costs, but you can save money on an excellent suit, and you can try out trusted trendy options that will offer great suites. Furthermore, look out for accessories from trusted places that you can add to your clothing to make the attire more interesting.

  • Embrace athleisure

Athleisure remains a popular trend, and more people can combine sporty clothing with formal pieces of clothing. If you are unsure whether you can pull out such a look, you could always play safe and ensure that the sporty piece you choose is probably focused on a fantastic pair of sneakers. You could throw on a sharp blazer, and you will have an excellent start to an athleisure look,

  • Pattern it up

Colours and patterns make for attractive outfits. Playing with both print and colours is a tricky combination that may or may not bring the desired look.  You could use the colour wheel to play safe and know which colours complement each other and as for patterns, combining solid colours with single patterns always brings out the desired look.

You can also mix two different patterns by mixing prints with different scales and keeping colours from similar families. Otherwise, mix two prints that have a single colour.

  • Mind the size

Size is the most crucial factor when we talk of fashion. Do not settle for a size too small as it shows too much and does not necessarily accentuate your muscles and features. Avoid larger sizes even though you prefer baggy clothes since they will make you look ridiculous. Instead, buy clothes that suit your size and fit just right since they will make you look sharp and well collected.

  • Be mindful of the shoes.

To complete the whole look you have assembled, you need to think of the shoes that will go with your outfit. A well-designed pair of sneakers work well if you are wearing something fashionable and cool. White sneakers go well with any style. For proper places and events, you will wear formal clothes that require brown or black Oxford shoes. You can wear other kinds of shoes, but Oxford shoes are the best.

Being like other fashionable gay black men is relatively easy, and staying stylish is possible. Look out for attire that fits your personality and put the points in mind. Otherwise, enjoy yourself as you give yourself the well-deserved change.

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