Everything You Need To Know About Golf Carts

Golf carts are becoming popular nowadays and you can see a lot of people across America using this. People prefer this for all their purpose like daily life, vacationing, and such. The golf cart is energy-efficient, cheaper to buy, and easy to maintain. So, these have become the way of life among the retired communities.

If you are making a big move then you will want your golf cart to be shipped to the destination safely. Since these are delicate, you need an expert shipping company that will deliver them in one piece. Visit shipacarinc.com where you will find everything you need to know. With their experts, they do the entire process of transporting seamlessly.

Is Golf Carts Legal On-Road?

But before using your cart on road, you must know whether it is street legal in your state.  Read on to discover them and to know which states allow them on road.

Though these are convenient and low-speed vehicles, some states prohibit driving them in specific areas and in some states, they require a license for the driver. Even if it is legal, you have to adhere to the rules and regulations to avoid getting penalized.

New York, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Missouri, and Rhode Island strictly prohibit driving golf carts on road and they even arrest you if you use them on roads.

Make sure that your vehicle meets the legalities. It should have the following complete parts:

  • Speedometer
  • Horn
  • Vehicle identification number (usually 17 digits)
  • Lighted bracket for the license plate
  • Interior and the exterior-mounted mirrors
  • Minimum speed from 20 to 25 miles
  • Reflectors at the corners of golf cart
  • Brake lights, taillights containing electric turn signals, and headlights that are in good condition
  • Tires that are duly approved
  • Well-buckled seat belt to ensure the safety of passengers

You can also make some upgrades and needed modifications to make your golf cart legal on the streets.

Pros Of Having Golf Carts

Since the advantages are many, the popularity is growing among people. The main advantage is the fuel consumption. While other cars provide 23.6 miles per gallon, a golf cart averages 25 to 30 miles per gallon. Hence, you can save more on fuel.

More than that, you can go for electric golf carts if you are a green-friendly person. With the electric version, there is no need to worry about the gas and there will be no footprint on the environment.

If you are a person that enjoys leisure driving, this cart is the best bet. Even if you are on vacation, you can enjoy every bit of scenery leisurely. The off-road capability also lets you explore unbeaten paths.

You can take this to the hairdresser, bank, grocery stores, private suburbs, for business purposes, and yes, to play golf since this is the more enjoyable and cheaper alternative to move around.

There is no need to walk in the sun, sweat, and exhaust yourself. Golf carts are the best alternative to ease the daunting walking distances where you can relax under the roof of the cart.

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