Engine Air Filters vs. Cabin Air Filters

Enjoy clean, filtered air as you drive to work or on a road trip. A premium air filter prevents dust and debris from affecting the quality of the air in your vehicle. These filters need to be cleaned and replaced periodically, but many drivers don’t realize there are two different filters to maintain. Compare engine and cabin filters today to learn more about these essential maintenance auto parts.

Engine Air Filters

An engine filter is typically stored under the hood of your vehicle. It’s used to filter air that enters your engine rather than your cabin. This filter is essential for keeping your engine operating efficiently. Compare premium filter media designs and materials to find the best option for your vehicle.

When this filter becomes clogged, it could completely block the air intake of your engine. This will prevent your engine from enjoying an optimal air/fuel ratio. Engine filters can be knocked or blown out several times and reused, but over time they must be replaced to keep your vehicle operating efficiently and to prevent engine damage.

How To Replace Engine Filters

Be sure you have a safe area to work and plenty of light. Open the hood of your vehicle and secure it. Find the filter housing and look for straps, clamps or other features that hold it closed. Some vehicles have a simple clamp, while others are securely fastened with straps and screws.

Remove the filter and inspect it for any tears or other signs of wear. If there are no tears, consider whether it’s more efficient to blow it out or to completely replace it. Compare new filters against your make and model of vehicle to enjoy an easy swap. Now that you know how to replace air filter, find out how to replace a cabin air filter.

Cabin Air Filters

A cabin filter is connected to your air conditioning and heating system. Just like your home furnace filter, this component is used to filter out dust, debris and allergens from your cabin. Enjoy fresh air as you drive with a new cabin filtration component.

When this filter becomes clogged, it causes your blower and air conditioner to work hard. Too much stress on the system can wear out these components quickly. Learn how to replace your cabin filter easily to keep your cabin clear of dust and debris.

How To Replace Cabin Filters

Consult your owner’s manual for information on the location of your cabin air filter. Some are located behind your glove box. Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual for removing your filter, then replace it with the specific option that fits your vehicle and restores clean, fresh air.

Find Affordable Filters Near You

Don’t let your air quality be affected by a clogged filter, but enjoy a replacement auto air filter that matches your make and model of vehicle. Compare options at your local auto parts store for an affordable part that fits your vehicle and enjoy hassle-free maintenance. A new cabin or engine air filter can improve the quality of your air and the performance of your engine.

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