Considerations to Make When Purchasing UV Curing Equipment

There are plenty of UV curing equipment available in the market, but they all vary in a number of different ways, depending on the producer. Other producers even have different variations of the same UV curing equipment available to meet different consumers’ needs. When purchasing any UV curing equipment, you should be very vigilant; one because you can easily get conned into buying counterfeit stuff and two, because you could buy a particular UV curing system that doesn’t really fit into your intended purpose for it. To avoid this, there are a few considerations you have to make when buying UV curing equipment. Here are some of them.

Quality of Construction

When buying a fridge or an AC unit, you don’t always go for the cheapest one in the market. This is because you will always get what you pay for, and a lower price equals low quality. The quality of UV light equipment often has a real effect not only on how long the equipment will last or operate without downtime but also on how well it serves you. UV lamps of a higher grade degrade slower than poor-quality lamps. Better reflectors often have higher efficiency and cure with less energy than inferior materials. This is why you should be afraid to spend a few more dollars if you’re getting quality in return.

Control Features

Some UV systems make it easy for you to change power output levels, provide feedback on the condition of the power supply or cooling system, or even diagnostic information in the event of trouble. As for LED systems, some safeguard the array by monitoring critical aspects of the systems such as coolant flow rate and cooling temperature. Other LED control schemes, which are more sophisticated, provide “addressability” that permits you to selectively turn on and off various portions of the array to accommodate different size parts. When assessing a light source, it is also worth considering how it will be integrated into the rest of your curing line or machinery and whether it has the interface capabilities you need.

Maintenance Ease

Before buying a particular UV curing equipment, you should ask yourself how easy it will be to fix and maintain. Are the spare parts easy to find, or will you have to ship them from a different corner of the globe? How much do they cost? Some arc lamps provide quick-change capabilities, including lamp modules that can be changed quickly and easily as a toner cartridge, while other designs require you to virtually dismantle the system for a routine task. Always go for something which you know can be easily fixed and doesn’t take much hassle to keep it in tip-top shape.

Service & Support

Every supplier promises great service and support, but how can you be sure that the one you pick will be of help when you run into a problem or need technical help? To answer this, observe some of their practices before making the purchase. How do they answer some of the questions, are they vague, or do they go into detail? That should help you know who can be relied on.

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