You may wonder if you can remove your lift kit and return to stock. Sometimes you might want to remove your lift kit for resale. The million-dollar question here is: Can you do it? How would you accomplish it?

What is a Non Crossmeber Lift kit?

Cross-members are structural parts of the truck’s main structure. This is a structural steel section that is bolted onto the truck’s underside to support the transmission and engine. Cross-members are important for truck suspension. This is because the truck must be able to handle properly. The body panels must align and the frame must have the load strength as well as torsional strength.

To get a kit that doesn’t require new cross-members, you will need to carefully choose your lift kits. The ReadyLift lift kit is the only option. ReadyLift is very concerned about the quality of this kit. They pay a lot more attention to quality control from engineering to testing in order to ensure a high-quality product.

You can convert back to stock if the aftermarket lift kit is installed on your vehicle.

Can I remove my lift kit?

It is possible. It all depends on the type of aftermarket suspension that you have installed and how much cutting was done. It is much easier to remove a leveling kit than it is to remove a lift. Depending on the type of lift kit purchased, it may have made it impossible to return to stock. There are two options if you want to return to stock, or lower your truck to get something new. You can change the look of your truck by getting new wheels and tires. We offer tire and wheel packages that are affordable and arrive at you in just 7 days. They also include free mounting, balancing and shipping. Affirm is our partner and you can make monthly payments to your upgrades.

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