Allegations and Accusations towards Abiola Oke 

Here is the person who is the media executive and an international business personality. He has more than 16 years of experience in the field, and his professionalism ranges from various financial services to the augmented media companies. He is a result-oriented executive, and he is experienced as a well-known CEO, and he also has the role to play as the Board of Directors. He is extremely popular for his strong sales sense, and he has much to contribute in genres of marketing and business development. He has the deal-making skill with the right aptitude and realization.

Reputation of Abiola

He is the popular personality known to all as Abiola Oke. He has been the publisher and the CEO of the Indie musical site called Okayplayer. He is also popular for the musical buster of OkayAfrica. However, he has recently resigned because of several allegations towards his attitude, and there are reports that he is not behaving rightly. People say that Abiola is responsible for creating the sort of toxic work ambiance, and this was told on Twitter the last Tuesday. Questlove is the co-founder of OkayPlayer from the time of 1987. He has been known to share the statement of the company on Instagram since Wednesday.

Immediate Effects to Happen 

With immediate effect, the company has broken all ties and has accepted the resignation of Abiola. He is no more the CEO and the publisher of OkayPlayer. The company people and the media have taken the allegations quite seriously, and all stand with the female figure who came forward with the allegation against Abiola. Based on the incident, more news is coming to the surface, and more announcements are up these days. Things have been long overdue, as the caption says, and now it is the correct time to pay Abiola back.

The necessity of a Healthy Work Culture 

It has been decided that a third party will be investigating the matter based on the practices and policies of the company. In the real sense, it is the job of every humane to create a healthy work environment and help people work with the best of confidence. It is important to have a kind of work culture that is inclusive and at the same time respectful for all people. It has been stated by Ivie Ani, who the successful and notable writer of OkayPlayer is, that the time has come to remove and replace the CEO. Such steps and statements have all gone against Abiola, and he is now the main victim to be accused.

Condition of the Black Woman 

From the period of 2015 to 2020, several black females lacked the support and the vital resources. They had to work at low salaries, and there was a lack of proper leadership. Due to several reasons, Abiola Oke was held responsible for the pathetic situation of the women as they were targeted and sabotaged wrongly. Slander and verbal abuses were used when addressing the black ladies, and it is said that Abiola was accused of the kind of sexual harassment, and he has to pay for it now.

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