All you Need to Know About Rhinoplasty

Commonly referred to as a nose job, rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that alters the shape, and perhaps size, of your nose. This is just one of many plastic surgery procedures that women can have if they are unhappy with their natural look, and for many Asian women, a lack of bridge on their nose is something they wish to alter, while others have a prominent nose due to a birth defect.

Qualified Plastic Surgeon

If you are thinking of having rhinoplasty surgery, you must be sure to use a plastic surgeon who is registered with the government, and there are several top plastic surgeons who carry out nose augmentation (called เสริมจมูก in Thai)in Thailand. While there might be those who profess to be qualified to carry out such surgical procedures, the only way to be sure that your treatment will be successful is to use a qualified and registered plastic surgeon that as ample experience in the field.

Initial Appointment

When a woman wishes to have a nose job, the first stage would be an informal discussion with the plastic surgeon of their choosing, which has two main objectives. First, the surgeon needs to determine that the patient is fully aware of the surgical procedure, and knowing the risks that are associated with such an operation, would still like to go ahead with the procedure. Secondly, the surgeon would determine exactly what the patient would like to have done, and whether that is possible. If the patient has any questions, this would be the time to ask, and once everything is agreed and the patient is happy with the details, a schedule would be set for the surgery.

Patient Testimonials

When meeting with the plastic surgeon, he or she would be able to show you some before and after images, which gives you a good idea of what can be achieved, plus you should ask for a few referrals, so you can talk to people who have already had the treatment.

Minimal Downtime

Rhinoplasty surgery only takes about one hour to complete, and the patient can resume normal activities within a few hours of having the treatment. Medical grade silicone is used in the process, plus it might be necessary to remove some nasal bone, depending on the needs of the patient. The initial swelling soon disappears after a few hours and such are the results, that no one would ever know that you had the treatment.

Inadequate Bridge

The most common request from Asian women is to have the bridge of their nose made more prominent, as it is normal for Asian people to have little or no bridge on the nose, which can make some people very self-conscious. Medical grade silicone can be inserted to enlarge the nose bridge, and during the initial consultation, the surgeon would determine the needs of the patient and carry out the surgery based upon the patient’s preferences.

Be careful about clinics that profess to be experts, yet are not registered with the Medical Council, and this type of clinic usually offers their services at lower than normal prices, as an incentive to persuade people to have the treatment. Therefore, it is imperative to check the surgeon’s credentials, plus you should also ask for some patient testimonials, which gives you a good idea of what to expect.

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