A Look at Glamping Experiences around the World – and in Our Own Backyard

Glamping is an experience that has proven to be quite different from your standard camping experience, and those who have tried it have already switched to glamping, to enjoy the beauty of nature without the hassle.

The great thing about glamping – or glamorous camping – is that it allows you to bask in the wonders of nature, and yet it also allows you to benefit from comforts that many of us expect from a holiday – comfortable beds, real bathrooms, electricity, real floors, and so on.

Glamping started as an offering in different holiday destinations around the world, and it quickly caught on and became the adventure of choice of those who wanted the luxury of modern living combined with the beauty and majesty of the outdoors.

So how did glamping start, and what are the different glamping experiences you can have around the world – and in our own backyard? Let’s find out.

Glamping and its worldwide appeal

Glamping can give you a truly posh holiday, and this has been seen in a wide variety of countries and destinations around the globe. It has become increasingly popular in Europe, and it has been offered in regions such as the Pyrenees, Brittany, and Normandy in France for years.

A lot of Scandinavian countries are also offering glamping, especially for those who would like to get an up-close and personal glimpse of the Northern Lights, and glamping is also offered in Andalucia, the Canary Islands, and Alicante in Spain.

Portugal has its glamping spots, particularly in the Algarve area, and glamping is popular in more tropical destinations such as Thailand’s the River Kwai, Africa’s deserts, and Panama’s beaches. Australia has its own glamping sites in the wine region of the Granite Belt, and lots of tourists prefer this to going back to a generic, boring hotel at the end of their tours.

The safari glamping experience

It can be said, however, that glamping really took off in the safari tours organised in African countries such as Namibia, Kenya, and more. Safari glamping was a big hit among tourists who wanted to experience a quintessential African safari, and it offered guests the comforts of home coupled with an environment that’s close to nature.

In the evening, guests could benefit from full-sized beds under the clear night sky, with tents that have electricity and luxurious bathrooms as well.

Festival glamping in the UK

Glamping in the UK has become quite a trend, and it began sprouting up in festivals every summer. Glamping has in fact been welcomed in the UK with open arms, as many people who love the outdoors have become tired of ‘roughing it’ in a damp tent with unpredictable weather conditions and have long wanted something much more comfortable.

Music events, such as the famous Glastonbury festival, offer glamping experiences which are extravagant affairs complete with big tipis that can sleep up to four people, along with showers and bathrooms. The food at these glamping experiences can also be quite impressive, with catering provided by London cafes such as The Breakfast Club.

There are now many glamping and safari tent providers in the UK such as www.bondfabrications.co.uk who offer ready-made glamping and safari tents but can also custom build glamping accommodation with whatever luxurious feature you can think of, and with this, your glamping experience can be truly enhanced.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com

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