9 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

In light of the pandemic, most people are cooped up at home right. Sprucing up the space and redecorating may seem to be an excellent idea to impact our sanity and mental well-being positively. Now more than ever is the better time to give in to the urge to remodel and make way for sprucing inspiration. Whether exterior or interior space, small or big makeovers can undoubtedly enhance a home character and, at the same time, elevate the humdrum mood brought about by quarantine. Here are nine ways to spruce up your home. Choose a reputable company like Cross Country Construction for all your general contractor and home remodeling needs in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin for a professionalized remodeling approach.

1.      Set the vibe with mood lighting

Introduce chandeliers to upgrade the overall ambiance of any room of choice. Nowadays, chandelier lighting is not limited to traditional designs and conventional spaces. A chandelier can now elevate a bathroom in more ways than one. Install a lighting fixture, whether professional or DIY, to introduce some good mood lighting. Rearrange table lamps and floor lamps around the home for a softer feel. Shaded lamps frequently diffuse harsh lighting creating a cozy vibe. Be creative by adding one to the living area and other spaces you’re suddenly spending the most time in, like a home office.

2.      Refresh sofa

Infuse new elements to the sofa by changing throw pillow covers and blankets. Give your home a contemporary feel and vibe by also changing the orientation of the couch.

3.      Organize kitchen counters

Out of sight, out of mind! Sort through all clutter and dispose of the knick-knacks and items you do not need. Utilize a tray and corral for everything from mail and food containers to medicine bottles and settle them to an accessible drawer. Repair drawers by checking on hinges and bolts. Sort through the contents of drawers and situate items strategically to order of most used to the least.

4.      Restyle the shelves

Quickly refresh a room by trying a mini cleaning technique. First, remove everything from the shelves, dust off each, and place everything back with a new arrangement. Adapt the Marie Kondo trick of assessing each item. If an item does not spark joy or you have not used it for months, dispose of them.

5.      Infuse new décor for the windows

In recent months, we have been spending more time staring out the window more than usual. Make it a comfy perch by pulling a bench or a comfortable side chair under the window. Let the light in by ensuring clearance from the window.

6.      Sort through storage

Take a trip down memory lane by sorting through the garage and attic. Style is ever-evolving and cyclical. Old furniture, paintings, and books might spark decorating inspiration, and they may fuse with your current décor 

7.      Bring the outdoors in

Infuse outdoor elements into your homes like plants, flowers, or greenery.

8.      Shop for home accessories

Everything is online. Surf through home décor websites and local DIY shops. Make your Pinterest board come to life by making your vision board a reality.

9.      Rearrange spaces

Rearrange the living room in such a way that it encourages family engagement. You may also apply reorientation in bedroom spaces by pulling inside chairs and adding blankets and pillows.

Simple remodeling or professional renovation to spruce up the home can benefit family relationships, personal mental health and enhance home value making homestay worthwhile.

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