7 Tips for Acing Your Interview

Interviewing for a new position can be stressful, especially if this is your first job interview. But we’re here to help with these seven tips that can help you ace your next interview and land your dream job.

  1. Take the time to prepare

Hiring managers are looking for people who care about the company and have at least a basic understanding of what the company is and does. So don’t go in cold. Instead, research the company’s products and services.

In addition to conducting basic research on the company’s own site, do an online search for recent press releases so you understand some of the company’s recent goals and achievements. Also, make sure you read the job description thoroughly to ensure that you fully understand the job description and are able to confidently speak about your abilities to meet each requirement.

  1. Learn how to answer the “tell me about yourself” question

“Tell me about yourself” is a common interview question and it’s easy to be thrown off by it. After all, for many people, it’s awkward to talk about yourself and hard to know what to include in your answer. That’s why it’s a good idea to develop and “elevator pitch” about yourself that includes relevant details about who you are, what you’ve done, your strengths, etc. Reviewing online interviews by entrepreneurs can give you tips on what to include in your answers.

  1. Dress appropriately

Although the company’s day-to-day attire may be casual, you should dress professionally for your interview. This will let the hiring manager know that you are serious about the job and will make a good first impression. While you don’t have to spend unnecessarily on a designer suit or dress, you should error on the side of overdressed rather than underdressed.

  1. Arrive at your interview a few minutes early

Nobody likes being kept waiting. If you arrive late to your interview, not only will this likely annoy the hiring manager, but it will also reflect poorly on your time-management skills and commitment to a job. On the other hand, if you arrive a few minutes early, you’ll likely be less stressed and appear calmer and more collected during the actual interview.

  1. Be true to yourself

Most likely, the hiring manager has only seen your list of professional skills on your resume. A face-to-face interview (in person or over Zoom) gives you a chance to demonstrate who you really are and how you may fit into the company culture.

Keep in mind why you applied for the job and talk about it during interviews. Do your research and identify a few things that are truly important to you about the company or the particular position. This will allow you to have a more authentic conversation and let the hiring manager get to know the real you.

  1. Ask questions

Asking questions, just like you did when researching the company, will show that you are interested in the job and that you want to learn more about the role and the organization. You can make a list of the most important questions you have and bring it with you to the interview.

  1. Follow up

Send a thank-you email to the recruiter or hiring manager within 24 hours of your interview to express gratitude for their time. Be brief, but thoughtful. After you have sent your email, you can send a handwritten thank-you note, though this is less common these days.

It can be stressful to interview for a job. These seven tips will help you tackle the task head-on.

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