6 Reasons to Renovate After You Retire

If you’re thinking of retiring soon, you may be debating whether you should move to an exotic beach or stay put. When people think about retiring, they think of going to a new country and spending their days enjoying life in a new place. The truth is that most people end up staying in the area where their homes are. After all, staying in the home you’ve built up with so many memories and know so well can be very comforting. If you are planning on staying in your home during retirement, keep reading for six reasons to renovate after you retire.

Home is where your heart is

Your home carries so many memories through the years that truly makes it a one-of-a-kind place. Some people move out of their homes in retirement and miss the familiarity of it. If you’re the type of person that likes familiar places and a familiar routine, keeping your home and renovating it will make it that much better. Renovating a home is also exciting. You can look forward to your home’s new look and making even more memories in it! There’s no place like home.

You save money

You may think that renovations are expensive, but it actually saves you some money because moving can be so expensive. You may lose some of your home value in selling costs anyway. Your moving costs could end up so high that you could have used your money to renovate your current home. Adding in some new renovations to your current home will even give you the feeling that you are in a new home. It’ll still be the familiarity of your home of course, just with new and updated features.

Stay close to the people you know

Finding good people in life is something you hold onto. If in the area you live in, there is a lot of family and friends you are close to, that is a great reason to stay. You will be able to go out with familiar faces and invite them over with all your new free time. A good social life is critical for seniors. A strong social life can decrease depression, increase cognitive function and physical health, and increase longevity.

You can make money

Renovating a home increases your home’s value. You may not be looking into moving now, but in the future, you may want to sell your home. Most renovation changes add value to your home and when you resell, it will increase your home’s worth. Renovations to kitchens, bathrooms, windows, and flooring make a huge difference.

Have everything you need

If you renovate your home, you can choose exactly what you will need in a home as you age there. For example, you can choose your lighting, choose the bathroom modifications you want to make, create an accessible kitchen, etc. You are in charge of the renovations you want to make and you know your home best. Choose what will make aging there easier or choose what you think will be the most profitable renovations for the house.

Keep your roots where they are

If you choose to stay in your home and renovate it, you’re keeping your roots exactly where you’re used to. Many people move in their 30’s – 50’s and by the time retirement comes, staying where you are settled sounds very appealing. Moving may not be something you want to consider in retirement. That’s why renovation is such a great option for your home.


Renovating after you retire is a great venture to take on if you are planning on staying in your home, or even selling it eventually. Renovations can also be profitable in the long run if you ever do choose to sell your home. Additions or renovations to your home can make your space feel more accessible for you. That home you are living in carries a lot of memories, make the most of your home by doing some cool renovations. You won’t regret it!

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