5 Tell-tale Signs Your Events Venue is Perfect for You

You know that wonderful feeling; you walk into a place and you know it’s perfect for you. But how do you know this for sure? What are the factors that give it away? And are there any elements that should immediately tell you the opposite, that a space is not right? Choosing corporate event venues is such an important part of the event planning process that no amount of wonderful food and drink, or amazing content, will make up for a poor location.

Here are the signs that show your venue is a winner.

  1. An Outstanding First Impression

If the first impression you get when visiting the site is anything less than amazing, you need to consider if it is the best spot for you. First impressions are everything in this industry, and venues know this. If they can’t pull out the stops for your first visit, then you have to wonder if they will deliver on the event itself. You’ll know a venue is a good choice when the front of house staff are welcoming, dynamic, and attentive. Events staff should listen to you and your needs.

  1. Excellent Attention to Detail

The ideal venue has nothing to hide. There are no cracks in the walls or areas that haven’t seen a vacuum cleaner in months. The bathrooms are sparkling, and the kitchens are clean. The bar area is tidy and welcoming. If the small details are correct, you are more likely to create a good impression with the complicated aspects of the event like décor and food. Get the details wrong, and attendees will only remember how the carpets needed a clean. Similarly, if the Wi-Fi signal is inadequate, you will end up with a lot of disgruntled guests.

  1. Convenient and Ideal Location

The ideal venue is well-located in terms of accessibility and desirability. No matter how cheap and lovely the venue may be, if people cannot easily get to it, it won’t be a success. Consider whether you need parking or public transport links. Make sure you are including any special access requirements that your attendees may have.

  1. Positive Reviews on Social Media

You no doubt conduct extensive research online when you are choosing your events venues. Don’t forget to check reviews on social media like Facebook. These are more likely to be genuine. Take reviews with a pinch of salt, however, since incredibly bad or incredibly good reviews can be exaggerated. Look for the reviews that are more middle-of-the-road for a better picture overall, and look at how the venue has responded to negative or positive reviews.

  1. Organised and Calm Staff

You need to do your job efficiently and calmly, so it helps when the venue’s staff are good at their jobs, too. If the venue staff are unflappable and competent, it will make your life a whole lot easier. And when you have an easier job organising the event, you can make it even more of a success for your attendees.


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