5 Industries Setting Up New Trends Post Pandemic Outbreak

The pandemic has impacted the whole world at a very large level. From curtailing our movement, to claiming so many lives, it has been really bad. Following the outbreak, the world sort came to a standstill and all of a sudden so many things changed. The new normal included maintaining social distance, staying at home, wearing masks while stepping out, maintaining hygiene and sanitizing our hands, whenever coming in contact with some object or a person in general. Due to all this, the economies all across the globe have been hit hard as well. The scarcity of resources and money has made the effects even more severe. However, with the pandemic, the way to look at things has also changed. Industries are now coming with new trends in order to accustom themselves with the new environment and set a new business model, that can help them survive in these difficult times. Here’s a list of industries setting up new trends in the post pandemic outbreak.

  1. Professional Industry (Your workplace)

No points for guessing, the professional industry or in simpler terms, the workplace will see a sea change in the functioning. Earlier, all the offices used to be completely packed with the employees and work would progress at full swing. However, post the pandemic, employees had to begin work from home all of a sudden and this brought a lot of change in the way things worked. The output somewhere reduced due to ineffective communication, resulting in longer working hours. However, now many companies have switched to working from home and have started investing in digital tools. Video meetings are now common and other communication tools are made more use of. Also, because of this, many companies have let go off their workspaces, and some have reduced the number of offices.

  1. Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has been one of the worst affected industry due to the pandemic. Many artists, especially those who worked on the daily-wage basis were the most badly hit. Also, due to the lockdown all the cinema halls were shut, thus affecting the business. As a result, many production houses released their movies on OTT platforms, through which the user can watch new content from the convenience of the home. In addition, reruns of several old successful shows were broadcast on television, which met greater success today.

  1. Education Industry

With the pandemic, all schools were forced to shut down to ensure the safety of the children. Today, even educational institutions have adopted the digital medium to facilitate the smooth functioning of classes online. With the help of videos, pre-recorded materials and online assignments, teachers are leaving no stones unturned in educating the children. Although it’s a very difficult task, this ’new-normal’ mechanism is the way out.

  1. Food Industry

One of the worst affected industry, most of hotels and restaurants also shut due to the outbreak. Since, restaurants can serve as a hotspot for the infection, most of them had to immediately shut down. Many of the these are now permanently closed, while people are choosing to order online through food delivery companies. Only the ones that are reputed and maintain hygiene have now stayed in the game.

  1. Digital Industries

The one industry that in a way that is still working somewhat normally is digital industry. Be it online classes, DIY tutorials, or vlogs, those people who earn a living by digital means have still continued to work in the same fashion. There is a huge surge in demand for content on motivational lessons, exercise and training, new cuisines, maintaining mental sanity in the troubled times. Also, the rise in demand is also due to the fact that, people can watch and binge watch the content from their home.

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