4 Reasons to Try Commercial Ironers & Ironing Machines

There are many different machines that can be used in commercial laundry, and each one has a specific job. What works best for your laundry business depends on space, budget, and how much laundry your business does. It takes a lot of time to iron, fold, and stack linens. That’s time users could be completing other tasks. Luckily, there are professional irons that feed, fold, and stack the clothes automatically, saving you time and effort. Investing in a commercial iron machine offers a myriad of benefits for your business. In this blog post, we’ll talk about four good reasons why you should try commercial ironers and ironing machines, as well as how they can help you improve your business’s efficiency and bottom line.


Unlike their traditional counterparts, commercial ironing machines are more sustainable as they are designed to use less energy. For instance, some ironers have a low-temperature setting that provides effective ironing results while using less energy. In addition, a commercial iron machine can help your business reduce its carbon footprint. This is because they are designed to last longer and require less maintenance. This reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements. In the long run, fewer resources are used to manufacture such machines, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Improved safety

Commercial irons have great safety features that keep people from getting hurt, burning their clothes, and causing other problems. For example, they have touch-sensitive finger guards that keep people from burning their fingers. To use it, you only need to feed clothes into the machines, and it will take care of the rest. If you handle large volumes of laundry, such machines will be of great value as they reduce the amount of work your employees do, reducing the risk of injury. In addition, these machines can handle large volumes helping you deliver your laundry on time.

Increased productivity

As mentioned, commercial ironing machines can handle large volumes of clothes. They also have automatic features. Such capacity and capability can help you increase the productivity of your business by allowing you to serve multiple customers with fewer delays. This automation also helps you streamline your processes, which gives your staff more time to work on other things and less work to do. Your employees will be well-rested, allowing them to serve your customers better, ensure the business runs smoothly, and improve efficiency, which can help increase your revenue.

Customizable settings

You handle different fabric types in your laundromat; some can be pretty sensitive. With such diversity in the fabric type, you must be extra cautious when handling them to avoid damage. One way to ease this process is to use commercial ironing machines with customizable features. With such features, you can easily adjust your machine to handle a specific type of fabric. You can easily adjust the rollers’ temperature, pressure, and speed to achieve the best results for each linen type. This can help ensure that all linens are properly ironed and meet your quality standards, which can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Commercial ironing machines are highly beneficial for businesses that handle large volumes of linens and require quality results. These machines are environmentally friendly, safe, and have settings that can be changed to help the business be more productive. They are also self-sufficient, which reduces the workload of your employees, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

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