3 Reasons Mosquitos May Bite Someone More

Being outside can be a lot of fun. The fresh air, open space and freedom makes it feel special to spend a day surrounded by nature. However, being in nature comes with its own complications because of bugs and critters. Getting bitten by a mosquito, spider, tick, etc. can turn a fun day in the sun to a day you wish you could redo, depending on the severity of the bite and whether or not you find a mosquito bite relief that works. However, if you find yourself getting bitten more than you want, there may be some reasons why. Here are three factors that make mosquitos bite someone more.

1. What You’re Wearing

Mosquitos are pretty smart and have great eyesight. The insects actually use their eyes to decide who they want to bite and are drawn to brighter hues. When going outside, consider avoiding rich colors such as green, black and red. Research shows mosquitos bite people more frequently who wear these colors. While some animals use other senses to find prey, eyesight is crucial for mosquitos.

2. Your Blood Type

It’s no secret mosquitos are obsessed with blood. When they bite you, that’s all they’re going for. Mosquitos desire more blood types than others, though. If you have Type O blood, you’re twice as likely to get bitten than someone who has Type A Blood. If you have Type B blood, you’re a little better off because studies show people with that blood are more in the middle with how likely they are to be bitten. In addition, 87% of people make a secretion in their body which signals what blood type they have. The mosquitos can decipher this secretion and use that to decide who they want their next victim to be because of sensing their blood type.

3. If You Exhale A Lot

Mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide and can sense it from a significant distance. When you exhale, you release CO2, and this instantly draws mosquitos to you. In addition, since humans exhale CO2 from their mouths, mosquitos are more drawn to bite near someone’s head and face. If you’re working out outside or doing a physical activity that makes you breathe more, don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting stung more often.

Being outside provides a welcome escape from the indoor lifestyles humans have become so accustomed to. However, you have to be safe and smart when exploring nature. Knowing more about what attracts mosquitos to you can help you avoid more bites and have more fun.

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